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How to Choose Your Industrial Brush Filament

Industrial brushes are manufactured with filaments specifically made to help you with industrial and commercial debris removal and cleaning. At Schaefer Brush, we ensure that each brush is crafted using industrial quality and long-lasting filaments with tradesmen, manufacturers and maintenance professionals in mind.

Choosing the right brush filament can seem daunting at first, especially with so many options available from which to choose. We’ve crafted a list of different brush filament options for you so that you can decide which brush is the best fit for you!

A Closer Look: HVAC Accessories

Schaefer Brush has been designing and manufacturing industrial quality, long-lasting, efficient cleaning tools that are designed to perform under heavy use by tradesmen since 1905. Beyond our impressive line of professional HVAC/Refrigeration brushes, we also manufacture the accessories HVAC/Refrigeration professionals need to get the job done!

Plumbing Brush Selection Guide

Schaefer Brush offers a wide variety of copper fitting brushes and plumbing tools for your professional needs. We manufacture a great selection of these brushes with both stainless steel and carbon filament options so you can clean and deburr fittings and tubing in a variety of plumbing applications. Our goal is to always provide precision and quality brushes created with modern technology and equipment so that you can trust that our products will be able to handle the job that needs to be done.

MRO/Industrial Brush Selection Guide

Whether you’re looking for professional-grade brushes for surface preparation, treatment, or scheduled maintenance, Schaefer Brush has you covered! We manufacture the best industrial brushes for maintenance, repair and operations. We’re ready to help you keep manufacturing equipment performing at its best.

An Intro to our Twisted-in-Wire Brushes

Industrial twisted wire brushes are an essential tool across many industries! Commonly used for cleaning, polishing, removal of burrs, and other surface preparation, they are designed to meet a variety of application and abrasion requirements. They go by a number of names, including test tube brushes, bottle brushes, tube cleaning brushes, spiral brushes, flue brushes, […]

HVAC/Refrigeration Brush Selection Guide

Looking for the best HVAC brushes, or commercial brushes for refrigeration jobs? Schaefer Brush has a huge selection of pre-engineered and custom brushes tailored to meet the needs of HVAC and refrigeration technicians and maintenance/repair businesses. Specially designed and manufactured for professionals, our brushes are an industry favorite to prepare and maintain heating, venting, and air conditioning systems. Learn more about our brushes for HVAC & refrigeration professionals today!