Problem: An industrial company using molds in their manufacturing process asked Schaefer Brush for a solution to keep their molds running at a higher performance level.

Schaefer Brush design team understands the importance of regular cleaning of the molds to remove mold oil and other reside. Keeping these molds clean will ensure a consistent heat transfer delivering the best performance reducing waste and downtime.

Solution: Schaefer Brush focused on a solution that would clean and polish the mold. Cleaning long running molds daily is most effective, therefore the filament choice could not be overly abrasive so it would not damage or wear down the mold over repeated cleanings.

Schaefer Brush engineer and brush designers created this custom brush solution. The brush is a hand-drawn brush design about 4″ square and an additional version that is about 5″ round. This brush style allowed for the team to create a brush with both Brass and Tampico filament. With 6 rows of Brass tufts and a middle row of Tampico the brush is able to clean and polish over the surface of the mold without being too abrasive.

Schaefer Brush’s in-house engineering and brush design team focuses on finding solutions to Manufacturing and MRO cleaning needs. They will work with your team to develop a solution for your cleaning problem. For additional information or pricing on a custom solution contact us today.