Schaefer Brush has been designing and manufacturing industrial quality, long-lasting, efficient cleaning tools that are designed to perform under heavy use by tradesmen since 1905. With our in-house design and engineering teams, manufacturing capabilities, as well as our extensive inventory of brushes and accessories, you can ensure that you are making the right decision with Schaefer Brush.

Beyond our impressive line of professional HVAC/Refrigeration brushes, we also manufacture the accessories HVAC/Refrigeration professionals need to get the job done! Learn more about our HVAC accessories, and contact Schaefer Brush with any questions!

Acid Brush – Horsehair

Our acid brushes are small, disposable brushes designed for applying oil based solvents, glue, paint, and lubricants.

The Acid Brush is recommended for applying oil-based solvents, glue, paint, and lubricants. With the high-quality filament of horsehair and handle made of tin, this brush is built to last. Three different brush widths are available for you to choose from, including ⅜”, ½”, and  ⅝”.

Adaptors and Pull Rings

Pull Rings attach to our brushes providing means for a rope to be used to pull the brush through the chimney. The adaptor is available for Pipe Thread Fix of ¼” to ⅜”. Professionally crafted, our adaptors and pull rings are a top choice of professionals!

Chimney Brush Extension Rods

Searching for a Food Grade Sure Surface Scrub Brush? The Fiberglass Tube Brush from Schaefer Brush is a great choice!

Our chimney brush extension rods are extremely thin and perfect for extending your brushes for additional reach. Our chimney brush extension rods are specifically designed for best results when used with Schaefer Brush Chimney Brushes.

We have eight different chimney rod extenders available made from fiberglass, heavy-duty fiberglass, nylon, and PVC, and their overall lengths range from 3 to 6 feet. These rods have both male and female pipe threads so they can be connected to each other for optimal length across applications.

Chimney Noodle Brush

Our Chimney Noodle Brushes make it look easy to clean hard to reach HVAC locations. The flexible construction of the brush allows the shaft to bend for better maneuverability. The filament is made of Tampico, which is a tough vegetable fiber used as a substitute for bristles. Our Chimney Noodle Brush is 2-¼” in diameter.

Dope Brush – Horsehair

The Dope Brush is larger than our Acid Brushes, and is made for applying oil based solvents, glue, paint, and lubricants. They are made with a strong wood handle and horsehair filament that is tough enough to handle each application! This brush width is ¾ inch.

Dusting Brush – Long Handle

The long handle of this brush allows for greater reach as you dust particles and residue from flat surfaces. Made with our strong horsehair filament and strong, durable handles, the overall length of these great brushes is 24 inches!

Extension Rods for Condenser Tube Brushes

These Extension Rods are built to help lengthen Condenser Brushes from Schaefer Brush. We have eight of these rods available, made of steel or aluminum with overall lengths from 2 to 4 feet. Some models have both male and female thread connectors.

Extension Rods for Flue/Boiler Brushes

Looking for an extension rod for your Flue or Boiler Brushes from Schaefer Brush? We have 14 options available! Manufactured with high-quality fiberglass or sturdy galvanized steel, they are available in lengths from 4 to 6 feet. They will help to ensure that you are able to properly clean any surface that you are working on.

Fin Wisk Brush

Fin Wisk Brushes are designed to finely clean condenser fins and evaporators in HVAC applications. The brush bristles are made with polyester and the handle is made of a durable plastic. The overall handle length for this brush is 6-½” to allow for a proper grip as you clean.

Natural Bristle Chip Brush

Our Natural Bristle Chip Brushes have sturdy wood handles and white natural bristles.
If you are looking to apply flux to copper pipes or mastics to ducts, this Natural Bristle Chip Brush is for you! We have five sizes of these Chip Brushes, in widths of 1” to 3” with a white natural bristle filament and solid wood handle.

Outside Tube Brush – Stainless Steel

Our outside tube brush was made to make easy work of cleaning light deposits outside of tubes. We have three brush sizes available, all made with stainless steel, they have a range of outside diameters from ⅝” to ⅞”, allowing you to find the best brush for your application!

Polyester Varnish Brush

Apply flux to copper pipes or mastics to ducts with this professionally made Polyester Varnish Brush from Schaefer Brush! We currently have three Varnish Brush sizes available in widths from 2” to 3”, making for faster and easier applications. The filament is a polyester bristle with a plastic handle.

Refrigerator Coil Cleaning Brush

HVAC professionals are always on the lookout for the best brushes to help clean refrigerator coils, fan blades, and areas under and behind appliances. Schaefer Brush has you covered. Our Refrigerator Coil Cleaning Brushes are available in three sizes. Handle options include wood, or wood with a wire grip and range from 6” to 12” in length.

Scratch Brush

The scratch brush manufactured by Schaefer Brush is recommended for welders core cleaning and surface preparation.

For general cleaning and surface preparation, check out our Scratch Brushes! We have eight models available, with nylon, brass, or stainless steel filaments and wood or plastic handles.

Schaefer Brush’s Commitment to HVAC/Refrigeration Professionals

At Schaefer Brush, we are dedicated to providing HVAC professionals with the brushes and accessories needed to get the job done. The precision and quality that we deliver, combined with our team’s talent, knowledge, and dedication allows you to have a wide selection of products that work. We also offer custom brush applications and design services for your specific needs! Learn more about our products online, or contact us today to learn more about our custom engineering and production services!