Schaefer Brush offers a wide variety of copper fitting and plumbing tools and accessories. These include Stainless Steel and Carbon filament fitting brushes to clean and deburr fittings and tubing in a variety of plumbing applications.

Our standard line-up includes a variety of sizes of inner-diameter tube cleaning brushes, and combination tools that clean both the fitting and the tube.

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Stainless Steel and Carbon Fitting Brushes

Remove dirt, soot, and dust from plumbing tubes to keep flow and pressure consistent. Fitting brushes available in both Stainless Steel and Carbon filament, product measurements by interior dimension for market standards. Brushes engineered with precision and maximum filament for optimum exposure.

2-IN-1 Tool

This industry exclusive tool provides the convenience of a fitting brush and tube cleaning brush in one efficient tool. One end cleans the fitting while the other cleans the tube.