Wash & Scrub Brushes

A pair of Schaefer wash and scrub products- Nylon Bristles

Sure-Surface Brushes

The Sure-Surface Nylon Scrub Brush design with 220 degrees of crimped nylon bristle allows the user to move in a natural motion.

Bright White Nylon Sure-Surface Brushes

This bright white nylon bristle brush is FDA approved for all "Food Grade" applications and come in several varieties from the Ultra Soft Poly Fill brush to several stiff nylon bristle brush options 

Wash Brushes with Bumpers

Multi-purpose flow through wash brushes, incorporate a heavy rubber bumper, which is recessed into the molded block. The bumpers are guaranteed to stay on and have no staples or fasteners.

Scrub Brushes

Scrub brushes without bumpers. Poly block with poly bristles.

Bi-Level Brushes

Available in soft, stiff, and very stiff bristles. This 10" brush has a flow through block.

Spoke Brushes

Originally designed for spoke wheels, these brushes work well for cleaning many hard to reach areas.

Short or Long Handle Kettle/Wheel Brush

Short or long handle brushes for many applications.

Plastic Handle Utility Scrub

Synthetic fiber resists mold, bacteria and mild chemicals.

Twisted Bowl Brush

Industrial sanitary bowl brush with wood handle. Shaped to fit under rim.

Goblet Brush

Nylon bristle with stainless steel staples in a plastic handle. For use in most cleaning solutions.

Nail Brushes

Hardwood block filled with absorbent Tampico or non-absorbent poly.

Hand Scrub Brushes

Comfortable Swiss style block is easy to hold and fits into tight places.

Bench Duster

Tough and durable brush available in Tampico and horsehair.

Custom brushes can be made to your specifications!

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