Cylinder Brushes

Cylinder Brush

Cylinder Brushes

Brushes are made in a coiled metal back strip construction or staple set tufted construction. Coil wound and staple set tufted cylinder brushes can be used in many industrial applications. Custom brushes of this construction type are available upon request.

Staple Set Tufted Cylinder Brushes

Staple set brushes are constructed with a series of individual tufts. The tufts of filament are inserted into a core which can be made of various materials. Staple set cylinders can have a variety of brush patterns. The function of the brush application combined with the fill material size determines the density and size of the tuft holes.

Coil Wound Cylinder Brushes (Open Wound or Closed Wound)

After the metal back strip brush is formed, the strip is attached to a core, shaft or tube and wound under tension to make a coiled cylinder brush. The metal back brush can be wound on the core with a right or left hand spiral and a specific pitch to determine brush density.

The finished coil can be assembled to a core or shaft or unassembled for mounting to a customers shaft in the field.

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- Cylinder Brush Wound Loose Coil (get a PDF).

- Cylinder Brush Wound on Shaft (get a PDF).

- Cylinder Brush Wound on Core (get a PDF).

- Cylinder Brush Wound on Core with Shaft (get a PDF).

- Cylinder Brush Staple Set (get a PDF).

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