Wire Scratch Brushes

Stove & Appliance Brushes

2 x 9 row, 8-5/8" long hardwood block with 2-7/8" long brush part and 5/8" trim.

Die Cast Brushes

3 x 7 rows, 1/2" trim, 7" long plastic block with 1-1/2" long brush part.

Welder's Brushes

3 x 7 rows, 1/2" trim. 8" long hardwood block with 1-1/2" long brush part.

Brass Wire Utility Brushes

Curved hardwood block with crimped brass wire.

Curved Handle Brushes

14" hardwood block filled with a variety of fill materials.

Shoe Handle Brushes

10" hardwood block available in a variety of filaments.

Heavy Duty Brush & Scraper

Thick hardwood block with heavily filled, tempered steel wire and 2-5/8" wide steel scraper.

Regular Brush & Scraper

14" hardwood block and steel scraper.

Straight Back Wire Brushes

Rectangular hardwood block 7-1/4" x 2-1/4".

Stiff Wire Duster

Tempered wire bristles in wooden block, short round wooden handle.

Wire Handle Chip

Ideal for cleaning rust, corrosion, etc. in high heat applications.

Custom brushes can be made to your specifications!

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