S-VECO Linear Cleaner

The Concept

Linear cleaning...it’s unique, effective and efficient! This S-VECO system is the only linear system designed to be “self cleaning”. The brush belt operates in a perpendicular or transverse direction to the item being brushed, utilizing a powered Uni-V Belt, tufted with brush fibers that will best suit the application. The brush belt travels at a 90 degree angle across a series of sheaves. As it passes over the sheave, the opening of the brush fiber allows debris to be removed by force and easily collected. Each unit includes designed framework and is built for your specific application.

S-VECO - Model RMD

  • Medium duty linear brushing system.


  • Extra heavy duty linear brushing system.

To better understand your needs, and to help us recommend the correct unit Model and size, please consider downloading our "S-VECO User Application & Information Form" in PDF format.

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