Paint, Chip & Parts Cleaning Brushes


White Bristle Chip

  • White Chinese bristle, metal ferrule. Plain sanded wood handle.

Polyester Varnish Brush

  • Durable black polyester filament with a solvent resistant plastic handle.

Black Bristle Varnish Brush

  • Quality chiseled trim, nickel plated ferrule, plastic handle.

Flat Oil/Chip Brush

  • Absorbent natural Tampico or poly in a twisted wire handle with ring end.

Parts Cleaning Brush

  • Tampico or poly fill in strong plastic or wood handle, comes in standard or flow thru style, tapered trim.

Oval Sash Brush

  • Black Chinese bristle, round plastic tapered handle, seamless ferrule, chiseled trim.

Tin Handle Acid Brush

  • Select horsehair bristles are pressed securely in tin handles.

Wood Handle Dope Brush

  • Select horsehair bristles secured tightly in metal ferrule.

Wire Handle Chip

  • Ideal for cleaning rust, corrosion, and any other materials/applications in high heat situations.

Custom brushes can be made to your specifications!