Metal Back Strip Brushes

Variety of strip brushes

Strip Brushes

Metal Back Strip Brushes consist of densely compressed synthetic, natural bristles or wire filaments laid down over a continuous metal channel while being formed into a “U” shape. A core wire is inserted over the filament materials and forced down into the partially formed metal backing. The core wire causes the fill material to form vertically as the metal backing forms and closes over the core wire and filament.

Most Common Brush Seal Applications

Shields - Used effectively as a barrier, to contain flying debris such as wood chips on a router.  Strip brushes prevent liquids and mist sprays from escaping in a parts cleaning room or painting booth. Prevent penetration of smoke and fumes in small concentrated areas. Keep out insects and rodents. Control excess media from exiting areas that cannot be enclosed other than by brush seal.

Light Exposure - Strip brushes reduce or eliminate the infiltration of light exposure in sensitive areas such as medical x-ray equipment, photographic darkrooms and film processing.

Air Flow - Highly effective in reducing air penetration and maintaining temperature control for both heating and cooling on all styles of commercial windows, doors and dock levelers.

Dirt/Dust - Strip brushes prevent dirt and dust particle build up in machinery, buildings, clean rooms and filtration systems.

Cleaning - Used effectively to clean debris off conveyors, vegetables, machined parts, glass, circuit boards, paper products and film. Conveyor brushes can be mounted stationary for continuous cleaning.

Sound/Noise - Seals gaps to reduce and dampen noise and sound transfer.

Containment - Used to position and contain parts on conveyor and transport systems to prevent parts from shifting or falling off conveyor.

Custom brushes can be made to your specifications!

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