aluminum rod with female thread

Aluminum Rod with 12-24 Female Thread

Aluminum 5/16" diameter rod with a 5/16-18 male thread one end and 12-24 female nipple on the other.

Fiberglass Rods

Strong fiberglass rods in a variety of diameters provide the proper stiffness for most jobs. We recommend using these nonconducting fiberglass rods whenever possible.

Adaptors with 12-24 Male Thread

Nylon Brush Rods

Flexible rods for ducts and radical bends. Nylon rods with 1/4" pipe threads may be used to conjunction with fiberglass rods. Stainless steel fittings available for food grade applications.

Twisted Steel Handles/Ring End

Semi-flexible, twisted galvanized steel wire with 1/4" male pipe thread on one end and 1" round ring on the other end.


T-Handles connect to the end of rods for easy handling and better grip.

Adaptor/Pull Rings

Adaptor has 1/4" to 3/8" pipe thread. Pull rings have 1/4" loops and 3/8" loops.

Aluma-Glass Telescopic Handles

Aluminum insert with fiberglass holder, standard aluminum broom thread.

Wooden Threaded Handles

Hardwood handle with standard broom thread, light duty.

Wood w/Metal Threads Handles

Hardwood handle with metal threads and heavy wall tubular steel with enamel finish.

Fiberglass Handles

Made of high strength fiberglass available in regular or flow-thru with thread for standard hose.

Custom brushes can be made to your specifications!

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