Kettle and Wheel Brushes

Kettle and Wheel Brushes


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Part # - 27704 - Kettle/Wheel brush, Tampico fill short handle.

  • Construction type: Staple Set - Fill trim length: 2"
  • Block size and type: 8-1/2" x 3-1/2" - Plastic

Short or long handle brushes for many applications.

27704 Kettle/Wheel brush, tampico fill short handle. 27709 Kettle/Wheel brush, poly fill short handle. 27712 Kettle/Wheel brush, nylon fill short handle. 27740 Kettle/Wheel brush, tampico fill long handle. 27780 Kettle/Wheel brush, nylon fill long handle. 27790 Kettle/Wheel brush, poly fill long handle. Automotive Building Maintenance General Maintenance Utility