Flared Cup End Brushes

Flared Cup End Brushes


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Part # - 00221 - Flared cup end brush 1-1/2" dia.

  • Minimum purchase quantity: 10
  • Construction type: Cup
  • Fill material type: .008" - Crimped - Carbon Steel
  • Arbor type: 1/4" spindle
  • Max RPM: 5000


Safety information: Safety goggles or face shields must be worn by operators and/or personnel in the working area or power brushes. Appropriate protective clothing and equipment must be used where a possibility of injury exists which could be prevented by using such clothing or equipment. Observe all speed restrictions indicated on brushes, containers, labels, or printed literature, "MSFS" means "Maximum Safe Free Speed" (R.P.M.); that is, spinning free with no work applied. For safety, never exceed "MSFS". Keep all machine guards in place.

00221 Flared cup end brush 1-1/2" dia. 00223 Flared cup end brush 1-1/2" dia. 00226 Flared cup end brush 2" dia. 00228 Flared cup end brush 2-1/2" dia. Deburring Foundry General Maintenance Government Industrial Machinery and Equipment Metal working Mill Finishing Stamping Steel Mills Surface cleaning Welding