Utility brushes for glues, adhesives, and paint removers

Disposable chip brushes to get the job completed

Natural Bristle Chip Brush

Recommended use: One time projects including glue, adhesives and paint removers. Natural bristles ideal for oil based liquids

Brush Width: 1″ to 3″

Filament: White Natural Bristle

Handle: Wood

Standard Ship Quantity: 36

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Polyester Varnish Brush

Recommended use: One time use projects including glue, adhesive or other water based products

Brush width: 2″ to 3″

Filament: Polyester Bristle

Handle: Plastic

Standard Ship Quantity: 24


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Flat Oil Chip Brush

Recommended Cleaning: Water or oil based glues, adhesives, or paints

Brush Width: 1-3/4″

Filament: Natural Tampico

Handle: Twisted wire with loop handle

Standard Ship Quantity: 36

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Wire Handle Chip Brush

Recommended Cleaning: Rust and corrosion in high heat applications

Brush Width: 1-1/4″

Filament: Stainless Steel

Handle: Wire Loop

Standard Ship Quantity: 12

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