Schaefer Brush has a full line of metal working brushes — including power and hand-held brushes.

Users value the superior performance of our wire cup, wire wheel and deburring twisted in wire brushes when working with metal. These brushes are suitable for portable tools and machines, but the twisted in wire products also are available in hand-held versions.

We offer an exclusive opposite directional wire knot twist on our wheel and cup brushes. This exclusive design gives the brushes superior rotational balance and longer life, and leads to decreased operator fatigue. (Other wire twist options are available.)

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Uniform, High Quality Assured

After the initial manufacturing stage, each brush undergoes a secondary operation to cut all bristles to their exact length and proper size. Our proprietary process ensures uniform high quality for each brush.


Our diverse portfolio of metal working brushes can be used for polishing, blending, burr removal, smoothing threaded blind holes as well as cleaning inner walls of tubes and cylinders.