conveyor cleaning

Schaefer Brush offers cleaning solutions for conveyer systems that are used in surface cleaning and preparation processes.

For belt conveying cleaning, manufacturers choose our S-Veco system or our cylinder brushes. S-Veco will clean conveyor belts above and below and are used in settings where polishing or material removal is needed.

In-line conveyor cleaners extend the life of the conveyor system by removing corrosive materials and keeping dirt, dust, paint, and other particles from contaminating parts or finished goods

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Overhead Channel Sweep

Overhead channel sweep will extend the life of the conveyor system by removing harmful materials from the conveying system as well as preventing contaminated particles from the finished good or in process parts. Channel Sweep conveyor lines are commonly used for moving materials in the mining, automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, and bottling/canning industries.

S-Veco System

Exclusively from Schaefer Brush, the S-Veco conveyor cleaning system retrofits onto your conveying line and cleans conveyor belts above and below. Commonly used in industries that use shot-blasting equipment to remove media from surfaces. As well as applications to prepare woodworking, food baking lines, and settings that polishing is required for final preparation.