Twisted in Wire Brush Construction and Information

Constructing brush:

Twisted in wire brushes are made by placing fill material between stem wire twisting it to produce a spiral shape brush.

Twisted in wire styles.

schaefer-single-spiral-single-stem-2-wire-twisted-in-wire-brush-style   schaefer-single-spiral-double-stem-4-wire-brush-fill-twisted-in-wire-brush-style   schaefer-double-spiral-double-stem-4-wire-twisted-in-wire-brush-style
Single Spiral / Single Stem (2 wire)  ~  Single Spiral / Double Stem (4 wire)  ~  Double Spiral / Double Stem (4 wire)
Brush fill is twisted between two stem wires with a single wire on each side.   Brush fill is twisted between four stem wires with two stem wires on each side.   Brush fill is twisted between four stem wires with two layers of fill. Each layer is perpendicular to the other with a single stem wire in each quadrant.

Brush fill types:

Schaefer Brush works with multiple suppliers to acquire all types of brush fill: nylon, poly, synthetic, abrasive, stainless, brass, bronze and carbon steel are a small list of materials we work with. If you need color, nylons are available in more colors than a rainbow!

colored brushes

Some fills are more common than others but bristle choice can be tailored to your specific needs to assure desired results.Click here to open a PDF of material specifications.

End / Handle Types:


Pipe Nipple, wood handle, plastic handle or straight stem.


Tip types:

 Twisted End   Vinyl Tip 
schaefer-blunt-end-tip-type-twisted-in-wire-brush schaefer-turned-tuft-tip-type-twisted-in-wire-brush
 Blunt End   Turned Tuft  
 Tied Tuft 

Ready to design your twisted in wire brush. Click here and select "Twisted In Wire" in the "Select Brush Type" drop down box.
Want to print a custom Twisted In Wire brush form, click here to get a PDF.

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