Staple Set & Hand Drawn Construction and Information

Constructing brush.

Staple Set Brush

Staple set brushes are very common in both industrial and consumer settings. With their wide range of uses and shapes, they fulfill a vast array of tasks. Some traits of this brush type are as follows;

1. Brush Core

Core material cannot be too hard or too soft. Typically thicker for staple penetration.

2. Bristle Styles

Both man-made and natural materials may be used in staple set brushes. Schaefer Brush works with multiple suppliers to acquire all types of brush fill; nylon, poly, synthetic, abrasive, stainless, brass, bronze, carbon steel is a small list of material we work with. If you need color, nylons are available in more colors than a rainbow!

colored brushes

Some fills are more common than others but bristle choice can be tailored to your specific needs to assure desired results.Click here to open a PDF of material specifications.

3. Staples

Staple materials are tailored to meet your specific application needs.

4. Replace or Refill

Staple set brushes can be refilled a limited number of times at a reduced cost.

5. Prototypes or Production Runs

Automated equipment produce a variety of staple set brushes in high volume. Specialized, one of a kind, items are also available.

Hand Drawn Brush

Hand drawn brushes are typically used in more aggressive applications where a very secure mounting of the bristle is essential.

Reasons for Hand Drawing Brushes:

1. Brush Core

Core material is metallic or a very brittle substrate for staple set construction.
Core material is flexible or too soft for staple set construction.
Core material is incompatible with bristle for fused construction.
Core cross-section is too thin for staple set.

2. Specialized Geometries

Bristle may be applied in geometric profiles not available in other construction types.
Examples: Straight, Staggered or chevron.

3. Harsh Environments

Heat, caustic, and other environmental issues often require hand drawn construction.

4. Wear Life

Hand drawn is always the best choice when high wear issues are a factor. With hand drawn products you only purchase the brush core once, then return the core and we will refill your brush with new bristle at a fraction of the new cost. Compared to staple set brushes hand drawn brushes can be refilled many times.

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