Metal Back Strip Construction and Information

Constructing brush.

Metal Back Strip Brushes consist of densely compressed synthetic, natural bristle or wire filaments laid down over a continuous metal channel while being formed into a "U" shape. A core wire is inserted over the filament material and forced down into the partially formed metal backing. The core wire causes the fill material to form vertically as the metal backing forms and closes over the core wire filament.


Channel back sizes.

Metallic strip/backing is available in galvanized or stainless steel. The backing typically works in harmony with the desired bristle diameter and density. Sizes ranging from #3 to #10 backing. Channel backing width and height may vary depending on fill amount.

schaefer-extruded-aluminum-metal-back-strip-brush-channel-backing-size-3  schaefer-extruded-aluminum-metal-back-strip-brush-channel-backing-size-4    schaefer-extruded-aluminum-metal-back-strip-brush-channel-backing-size-7 schaefer-extruded-aluminum-metal-back-strip-brush-channel-backing-size-10

Brush fill types.

Schaefer Brush works with multiple suppliers to acquire all types of brush fill; nylon, poly, synthetic, abrasive, stainless, brass, bronze, carbon steel is a small list of material we work with. If you need color, nylons are available in more colors than a rainbow!


Some fills are more common than others but bristle choice can be tailored to your specific needs to assure desired results.Click here to open a PDF of material specifications.

Trim profile.

 Flat  Bevel  Shaved End  Offset  Stepped
   schaefer-bevel-trim-profile-metal-back-strip-brush  schaefer-shaved-end-trim-profile-metal-back-strip-brush  schaefer-offset-trim-profile-metal-back-strip-brush  schaefer-stepped-trim-profile-metal-back-strip-brush

Brush shapes.

Specialized geometries (The shape shifter of the brush world) all metal back strip brushes start from straight strip. Due to the malleable nature of the strip a variety of shapes can be formed.

Helical  Internal Ring  External Ring  Formed Cup Brush 
 schaefer-helical-shaped-metal-back-strip-brush schaefer-internal-ring-shaped-metal-back-strip-brush  schaefer-external-ring-shaped-metal-back-strip-brush   schaefer-formed-cup-brush-shaped-metal-back-strip-brush
Formed Strip Brush  Straight Coiled  Cylinders 
 schaefer-formed-strip-brush-shaped-metal-back-strip-brush schaefer-straight-shaped-metal-back-strip-brush  schaefer-coiled-shape-metal-back-strip-brush   schaefer-cylinder-shaped-metal-back-strip-brush

Mounting Methods.

Metal back strip brushes can be mounted either by an alligator clip or an extruded aluminum holder. The prongs on the alligator clip wrap around the brush to allow a tight hold on a section of the strip brush. Metal back strip brushes slide into an extruded aluminum holder for mounting purposes. Aluminum holders are extruded in various end view shapes to match a specific application.

Alligator Clip  Extruded Holder 
schaefer-alligator-clip-mount-metal-back-strip-brush   schaefer-aluminum-extruded-holder-mount-metal-back-strip-brush

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